Mobile phone signal booster in the apartment and buildings

It is probable that you do not just notice an interesting, but not too pleasant regularity - in modern buildings the use of mobile devices is almost impossible. Concrete, reflecting the signal and preventing its spread, contribute to the emergence of "dead zones". Perhaps a signal to the apartment and will be present, but a weak and unstable. On the one hand, formally everything works - you can send and receive messages, call and talk. But the quality of communication is suffering - failures, interference, poor audibility interfere with the normal full communication over the phone. However, do not sin only materials used for modern construction. In the brick and wooden buildings communication quality can also be quite unimportant.

What is happening?

Normal spread signal can not interfere with any concrete walls and ceilings, while the total number structures of reinforced concrete, designed tinted windows and other not too friendly to mobile communications materials. In this case, no signal is transmitted from the BS to the relay operator, and is reflected by a building. Because of this, and the communication quality deteriorates.

How to provide quality gsm communication yourself in a city apartment?
The most effective solution of the problem is setting the mobile phone signal booster in the apartment provider.
The basic components of the system:
1. GSM amplifier (repeater).
2. Internal antennas that provide quality coverage in each room.
3. External antenna, which allows receiving the signal from the main station.
4. Signal splitter that "distributes" the signal on domestic aerial.
5. Coaxial cable, connectors, and other consumables.

Due to an internal antenna gives you access to high-quality, trouble-free operation mobile in any room of the apartment. Sending messages, files and phone calls will no longer be a problem. Installations of the mobile booster in the apartment you can do yourself.

The main points in the selection booster
1. Each of the devices that you purchase should be a quality certificate.
2. Device reliability.
3. If the setting is wrong, and the project is not agreed with the mobile operators, your signal booster can become impediment to crossing GSM signal strength.