O2 Signal Booster Box

A Rescue For All The Network Coverage On Phone

The Newly launched Boostbox is indeed the best for all those having an issue with the network while moving from one location to another. This is used both indoor and outdoor. The device acts as a 3G mobile cell tower either at home or at work enabling high frequencies of both 2G and 3G and also the latest standard in mobile internet technology the 4G and LTE, thus working on all networks. The signal booster on mobiles is otherwise known as the signal repeater, which receives an O2 signal and rebroadcasts it.

How Does It Work And What Are Its Unique Features?

The Boostbox connects to the O2 network via the broadband connection with a minimum uplink speed and is easy to install. You have to just attach the antenna on top of your RV and attaching the cables in their respective slots. The customer has to authorize the O2 mobile numbers which can use the O2 signal booster. Then it will start the initializing process which will take some time and then it’s ready to use.

There are two types of O2 signal booster

• Standard Boostbox
  • It is ideal for home-based usage. It can be used in 25 m radius range. You can make up to 4 concurrent calls at the same time and almost 32 O2 mobile numbers can be registered in the booster.
• Large Boostbox

It can be used at the 100-meter radius and can be used for 32 groups or up to 250 O2 mobile registrations. With a special installation up to 8 calls can be done at a time. Apart from the broadband, the O2 signal boosteris also available in a form of an application which can be downloaded on your mobile phones. This application is known as “O2 TU GO” which is compatible with both Android and on iPhone. The features of this application are:

• TU Go application can be used by UK Pay Monthly Customers
• Helps to keep in touch while choosing your mobile network, Wi-Fi or 2G/3G and keeps you connected wherever you go.
• While you travel to use this app via the Wi-Fi connection abroad and the texts and the calls will cost the same as in the UK (Local Charge).

You can buy these O2 signal booster online via the most famous online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay. O2 UK has good signal strength covering almost 98% of UK and allows you to enjoy free public Wi-Fi hotspots. It also enables you to upgrade a month earlier. Not only do they just help to boost the network coverage but it also saves a lot of battery life for almost 2 hours as it does not have to be wasted anymore in search of a network. The frequency of 2G and 3G networks are now very clear and also enables to cut down cost as their won’t be any disturbance while talking and can be reached anywhere.